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Simona Stojanovska was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia, less than 30 years ago. Simona fell into the fitness world through her dream to join the Macedonian Special Forces. Although that dream ultimately did not come true, that endeavor introduced her to the world of fitness, which became her love and passion. It still is today.


During her University studies, she worked part time at a gym and began to also study the physiology of the human body and how to develop it to the optimum. She quickly became popular with customers to work with them on a personal basis.


After five years, in the pursuit of increasing her knowledge and experience, she moved to her current location, Qatar. After certification, she worked as an EMS trainer, but was quickly disappointed by its limited challenge, so additionally worked to qualify as a personal trainer and sports nutrition expert. She then continued to work as a personal trainer both in a five star hotel complex and as an in-home trainer.


Not content with challenging others to be their best, in 2017 she began to train towards the goal of competing in the Macedonian, Bodybuilding Federation in the Fitness Bikini category. In April, 2018 she became the National Fitness Bikini Champion. In October, 2018 she also became the Champion for Bikini Fitness on the Athlete of Macedonia competition. On 14th of October she won the 3rd place on IFBB’s Diamond Cup Macedonia in Bikini fitness (up to 166 cm). Her current training goals are towards the European Championship and the IFBB stage. In April 2019, she successfully defended her Bikini Fitness Macedonian Champion crown for the third successive time.


Despite her rigorous work, fitness and training program, Simona still manages to squeeze in an occasional moment with the other two loves of her life, the MotoGP and a pizza on Sundays.


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