Simonne always understand a woman body and go beyond ‘weight loss’ idea, she works with me & customize my workout to my needs , we have been 3 years together as a team , never for once felt she is just here to train me and leave , my body have changed and I’ve been recovering after my c section delivery, she managed to work with me and help me achieve my goals.
She values her work and career , it’s very motivational to have such a champion to workout with , thank you my Champion

Reem Saeed

Several years ago, I was working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a crazy sleeping schedule and even worse meal schedule. She helped me overcome my crazy eating habits, placed me on a new healthy regime and helped me change my unhealthy lifestyle. Prior her leaving to Qatar within 3 months i regulated my sleeping habits, i changed my food intake and improved my health. She helped me overcome a lot of bad habits. She isn’t just a great coach, she is the very definition for a perfect person in your life.

Slavko – DJ Satellite

To me, Simonne is not just a personal trainer, she became a lifestyle guide and a close friend. Over a period of two years I have build on stronger body, healthier lifestyle and  most importantly the knowledge to maintain that. During sickness/ downtimes she has been the best to gradually put me back on shape & health. She’s not just a personal trainer who knows what she’s doing; she’s a one who cares for you more than you care for yourself. She gives with heart certainly. In simple words “Wouldn’t wish for better trainer” May all the success in the world be within your hand & palms because you deserve it!

Simonne is the best coach I have ever trained with. She is so caring and pays utmost attention to all things including physical training and nutrition. She helps you reach your goals not only through the training sessions but also by giving valuable advises and helping you with your nutrition and keeps motivating you to reach your goals. She is so professional and has deep knowledge about the anatomy of the body and the muscles and knows exactly how to give you alternative moves for any pain or any injury you might have.
I truly enjoy training with Simonne as she is both fun and strict and not so easy to get away with some moves you might not want to do.
My body has enormously transformed since I started training with her.
She keeps following up very closely with you and she is reachable at all times, I just love training with her.
Micheline Abboud El Hajj
I can’t believe how much I have changed since I’ve started training with Simona. Not only smaller size in clothing but also health wise. The muscles pain I’ve had for years after a back injury, almost disappeared and the training was more effective than the physiotherapy. I’m so happy with the healthy lifestyle Simona encourages and very grateful for the results.
Sara Kafood

While living in Doha, over the last two years, I had the amazing opportunity to have Simonne as my personal trainer 2x or 3x per week. She knows her stuff! The exercises, the body, the diet, the psychological and how they interact to get you in shape. She manages to be tough and disciplined in driving you to reach your goals, while at the same time being one of the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet. You may hate that third set of sumo squats, but for her and yourself, you do them anyway. I just left Doha, so be quick, and be the lucky person who takes my open spaces. I miss her. My body misses her. She will be very hard to replace.

Dr Frances Schnepfleitner