All your breakfast needs


Home Made Granola

Home Made Granola   I consider this perfect breakfast when I have a day that i will spend working out and after that working with my clients. It gives you a proper boost, filling and still low on calories. This is an excellent mix of nuts if you want to make your oats with a…

Sunshine Smoothie

Sunshine smoothie

Sunshine smoothie You don’t know how to get a proper boost of vitamins in the morning? Then look no further, the Sunshine Smoothie is the perfect source of proteins, carbs and fibers to start the day fresh and feeling energized.   For this smoothie you will need the following ingredients: 2c fresh or frozen raspberries,…

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito Perfect meal to start your day, enough nutrition to endure the workload in the morning and get you feeling full till the arrival of lunch. I hope you will enjoy this meal, I like to prepare this for breakfast when I have a lot of training during the day or have a lot…